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Monday, September 5, 2016

Saint Teresa - Why did The Vatican choose Superstition over Humanity?

As the mother becomes the saint,  I wonder about the miracles she performed to qualify as a ‘saint’. Before we move any further and just in case you do not know already, I would like to quickly take you through the two miracles she performed to be declared as a saint.  This two stories in itself would give you a hint of my reasons of  'bewilderment'. Let's read them: 

Mother Teresa's first 'miracle'

A Bengali tribeswoman Monica Besra was cured from an abdominal tumour thanks to Mother Teresa's intervention from heaven.

The woman's recovery was down to a locket containing a picture of the nun which was placed on the patient's stomach.

Ms Besra said a beam of light emerged from the picture and relieved her of a cancerous tumour. 

Her doctor, Ranjan Mustafi, reportedly says she didn't have cancer and the tubercular cyst she did have was cured by prescription medicine.

  Mother Teresa's second 'miracle'

Mother Teresa's intercession  helped cure Brazilian man Marcilio Haddad Andrino of several brain tumours in 2008.

Mr Andrino from Santos and then 35, had been diagnosed with a viral brain infection resulting in multiple abscesses. Treatments were said to be ineffective and he struggled to walk down the aisle at his wedding in September 2008. By December he went into a coma.

Mr Andrido's new wife spent months praying to the 'saint of the gutter'. ( No locket this time, just the picture)

 Her family joined her in prayer as the apparently dying patient was taken to the operating theatre. 

When the surgeon came into the room, he reportedly found the patient awake, pain free and asking "What am I doing here?"

He was apparently , already , ‘cured’ by then. 

 Why wonder? 

Well, I am sure both these miracle stories would have been laughed at, if it had not been for the holy Mother. 

This brings me to another thought on why all saffron sadhus are declared dhongis and given scant respect from elite educated class and ‘pretentious educated youth’ for the precise same kind of ‘miracles’, they claim to perform day in an out, as the mother did to be qualified as ‘a saint’. She needed just 2! 

Is it not a fact that, in this case the ‘sadhu is white clad’ and therefore ‘her miracles’ must be revered and celebrated? 

Perhaps, Saint Teresa of Kolkata deserves much better than this branding of “superstition by the Vatican”. 

As an individual, I have greatest regards for the work of humanity which Mother Teresa did. Real Miracle done by the mother is in the humongous organisation she created through her undying spirit of serving for millions of destitute, poor and the underprivileged.

Let us call her Saint for her great service to the humanity, she stood for cure, compassion, service and above all hope! and yes - Get Real Vatican!

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