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Monday, January 16, 2012

PISA 2009+ Reactions from the Minister -Need another Andolan:)

Posting after a long time .........
I was watching a debate on NDTV 24X7 on India's pefromance in PISA 2009+ results.

Participants were Dr. Ratna Dhamija from ACER ,Rohini Nilkeni from Pratham & Dr. D Purndeshwari, Union Minister of state for Human resources (translated as education department)

By now all of us are aware that Indian states Himanchal & Tamil Nadu ranked 73rd out of 74 countries chosen for the test.

I was appalled to hear three major replies from the Minister :

1. Education is State governments responsibility
2. Need to Question Basis of PISA report
3. We have given funds in 11th plan for education -so we are done :)
4. Question ASER new report on technicalities Pratham Education survey (Published in 2011)

If this is what an educated, apparently well meaning and responsible minister replies .. then we must have another andolan for ' quality education' :))