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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blog for the New Year!

Dear Passion, Emotion, and Compassion,

It has been a very impressive year for me at both professional and personal fronts. However the most important thing which seems to have happened is that I could attempt to strike a balance between you three 'ever warring’ Ladies+ and end up looking better in 2014.

I want to take this opportunity to make candid confessions to all of you, and all that so publicly.

Passion, Let me confess, To do something* which is not ‘conventional’, not ‘intelligent’, not ‘respectable’, not ‘viable’, not ‘economically favorable’ and if these were not enough to do something which ‘is stupid’ , ‘is waste of time’ , ‘is waste of a brilliant career’ , ‘is loss to engineering’ , ‘is loss to research’, , IS NOT Easy++  but I promise I shall continue to court you to the core in 2014 as well ..

 Emotion, Let me confess, nothing works with me or works for me, unless you are involved with intimate intimacy. You have driven me in the past and I confess to remain ‘Khub emotional’ for 2014 as well !!

 Compassion, thank you for being there inside…it helps me to be a little relaxed on my own follies and shortcomings, it helps me to empathize with all ‘who can afford to be na├»ve and blissfully ignorant at cost of future’ , it helps me to prop the other two ladies and show them a proper direction....

 Ladies, I am here because of you and I am happy to be here :__) .

In the coming year, I need you more than ever before, I need you to help me to be a better person, I need you to be the guide(s), friend(s)and philosopher(s) one always cherishes for…..

 Now, before 3 of you start getting excited, Let me tell you it is not only me who has kept you afloat in my life ..… It is a lot of people, seriously a lot of them ;)

 To name the top 3!

My Parents who have always believed in ‘whatever’ I do. They are worried at times but that comes more out of love and care than the real ‘worry wala worry’. In 2013 they have just been awesome. Maa- Her health not being at best but you being there when and whenever I need you. Papa- He has been my friend since I was six or seven and 2013 was no different, except that any accident being reported from this part of country, I seem to somehow figure in them..Papa stop the hallucinations :)

Bhaiya, who brings a semblance of sense back to otherwise ‘no-sense’ approach to most of things I do. In 2013 I have listened and followed few of his tips and they been truly cool to follow..:)

Nidhi, It is our first year together. She has been tremendous sport. Incredible that she is, it is her charm, grace and superb support which has made this year a ‘memorable one’ :)

So ladies while I am indebted to you, you know that you need to find a common cause with all those who have made it possible for you, especially the top 3 :,) else life is going to be difficult for you ;-)

10 minutes to 12 AM and the year 2014.

Wish three of you a great year ahead...let’s romp! :))