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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Only Pics No Comments! ..Please put some ;)

Some Snap shots from the class!

Location: Ahilya Devi Holkar English Medium School
I. Concentration Supreme

These two might not be the toppers,but their Concentration and involvement in the TEST is so Exemplary, Mind you "Bhaiya is actually in the class and they are doing it outside!

Shivani Kharde :: Achievements: Not afraid, Listens, Talks Softly,

Shreyas Warangakar ::Achievments: Best Handwrit,Most Hardworking ,Good attendance

II. Defying the Odds

Someone said "You have got a difficult class - Kids FIGHT they Do not learn, they r not smart."I don't want to reply back,I just want them to see these Pictures!;)

Arbaaz: Taking the Lead to Explain the SSC text to Swati,Vedant and Khritk(in order)

Komolika in charge to churn in concepts in science discussion class! To Naynsee, Chaitrali and Mansi.

Concentrating and discussing on the Contents on the Green Board ;-) Rahul, Sandeep, Ravi, Aman

Oh,Just Love it! Everyone diving into the books for the Big Goal ;-> On group 4,Nupur ,Sunny, Hrisikesh !!

Hope You Enjoyed the Snapshots.

Its Diwali break for us,Kids need to study for their first term!

Bye till Next,Thanks for reading!


aekta said...

want to do the same soon ..:)

swati said...

Hi Ritesh this is swati..I have applied for the T4I this year..and am looking forward to serve the purpose..I am already volunteering the Teach India-Times Of India since few months now..
I have certtain queries regarding T4I and my Excitement is at its hilt so if U can help me with my doubts and manage some time out of your busy schedule i'll be highly obliged..

SimplyRitesh! said...

Hello Swati ,

First of all thanks for making the great decision to apply for TFI. We are happy ;)

Any doubts , I would be most happy to help .No time constraints .

Reach me at +91 9762178864


SimplyRitesh! said...

Aekta ,

Thanks for your post .Glad to know that you "want to do the same soon " .Have ya completed the application forms ! Have you received calls from us ? .. Incase of doubts do let us know 1


+91 9762178864