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Thursday, October 8, 2009

TFI Fellowship : As a teacher : Month 3

August 2009. Memoirs  from the Manual Diary!

We had first unit test in the first week of the Month and Panic set in the next week!

The Swine flow was raging through the City. One death after the another.  The kids, the parents, The Teacher and the management all afraid as cows.  As usual our govt machinery did not know how to react (was there any machinery in place?)

They said Pune as a city was vulnerable to H1N1 –swine flu virus  . The inept dealing, combined by the mindless panic contributed to a near fatal situation
Govt closed Shops and Multiplexes for few days .Schools for around 15 days and the total teaching time was reduced  to a mere 15  .

Well only thing worth discussing at the blog is the Unit test 1 –the first real exams the kids had ever given.

 Of course they had semblance of a test before in their earlier class, but that was   all Rotten concept somehow written for the sake of it . They did not know how to approach a test, what was asked! What to answer

….u should have seen their Answer papers of last year’s. Questions copied in the place of answers, Doing fill in the blanks instead of a True or False, Filling in the blanks using words from above, without changing the order of printed words!  ,

It was a real tragedy to see the kids forced to do something about which they understood nothing and wondered in utter despair.

Little changes managed in approaching the exam

Our Class has just finished their UNIT test One.  After a tensed one week (speculating, about the performance of the students in the class), As a teacher, as Professional and as a individual, I would like to let you know that “these kids are really remarkable

 It would me no less than the proudest moment for a teacher, when the kids show up an  “ satisfying “ marks card .  

Even though the test was based on SSC ( State board content ) , -having a different questioning pattern  , the learning shown  (as reflected by their marks ) has been truly gratifying .  
·          An average of  35 % (as per their grade 2 .results ) – they now have  71 % as class average

·         Class Average in Math is 17/20 = 85%  , Class Average in Science is 15/20 = 75% , Class Average in Social science is 13/20 = 65%

·         In Language, English  they have a respectable average of  55% (Frankly I had expected much less ;)  )

Well the school closed for a fortnight after that ……..Mr. SWINE FLUE !


Well Deserved Break !

Went to Delhi – to meet Aditi and Avantika , my two liitle Kiddos .

My Brothers and Sister in laws are really lucky  to have such cute little ones .

Aditi – Now almost 9 months (;->) is one Smart gal . She Blushes to see BADSHAH Bhai at 9Xm the Music channel .She Loves Loud Music .When Papa comes from Office she is sooo soo happy… Bhaiya is really so so lucky ..

Avantika – the small one , she is 3 months .She likes roaming around in the lap . wakes up early in the morning for her Papa (My second bro) to take her to “lap walk “ she wonders at the butterflies –especially the Yellow ones …mind you she wont buzz unless she has her quota of demands ….

I really enjoyed the break .! Ma and Papa came from Godda (My native ) .It looked like a happy family reunion after a long time !

Returned Back to Pune Just in Time FOR the Teachers Day !

Wait for Next Blog September 2009 …………………


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