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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mangoes and the Grand ma!

Sometimes we observe simple things which make us “too emotional”

On way to office, at a traffic light, I saw an old woman, nothing to write about but her little action reminded me of many many small things our parents do, without us ever recognizing or acknowledging them...

Story is...

The woman bought a mango in seven rupees and hopped on to the bus standing still on the traffic light. The bus conductor asked for the ticket money, she gave the ‘remaining ‘three rupees she had ... The conductor said it is 7 rs. For the ticket... he started howling and scoffing at the old lady... and threw her (almost) out of the bus abusing her ‘amba porgi ‘and everyone started laughing!! All of this happened in a huff...

Old woman realizing the insult started crying like crazy. Strangely without any obvious reason, I got irritated and got down of the bus and asked her and asked her ..Why was she crying, when the entire fault was hers?

The reply she gave me left me totally stunned...she said...

“I knew the conductor could do this, but I had promised my little grand daughter that I would bring a mango for her, she is not well. I am crying not because of getting thrown out of the bus but because now I would be late to reach my house and she would be asleep by then!!

I was speechless , We read such things in story books but I was a witness to this & It made me feel small about my definition of sacrifice and love made me feel so small…….



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