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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Coin Flips - You are the Best ;)


It is getting tougher day by day .

Waves of thoughts, are   doing rounds inside me. The whole of my persona seems to be challenged. Sometimes I hope,  its just me – the individual   and not  “my entire thought process “  .

Wiered things happen , when you take  wiered decisions  – agreed !   

But problem lies with the fact that when intentions are right , thoughts are pure , efforts are at max  , honesty  is your bedfellow  , commitment   unquestionable ....

 why does one feel caught up in a whirlwind of “negative thoughts “ ?

Why does one feel suffocated at a place – assumed to be  a “ Platfrom at change “ ?

 We all are   trying to contribute in  our  own  small way  to the society . Everyone is   uniquely invested in their roles – (  Talking  in the context of a social set up in a civilized society ).

However , some of us choose to come out of the conventional set up – to do something, defined as “ challenging “ –by our inflated egos J  .

Nevertheless ,   the nature of  job which I am currently doing  is different . It  is  slightly difficult  because – I (like many of us ) , have taken responsibility of setting things correct – Providing  best of education – through best of Our abilities – to that part of  “Our Society “  which seems to be trailing behind  , apparently for no fault of theirs   .

Talking of Education and the Inequity  , I often get perturbed whether  the ,"Things Would   Change "  ..  because :
 i) We speak in most fluent Language  infront of a “select audience “ .  OR because  we would create the   best of  environment in the “ little class rooms “ – where Kids Speak freely on matters of Heart & Mind ! 
 ii) We crib all the time , and fail to speak when it matters most ! OR because  we create  and   Value  a pool  of  individuals who are “ leaders “ in their Own might – Who can take a challenge to visit   to  “ most difficult of places “  & discuss with least invested people  and yet manage to get success !  

 iii )We subscribe to “ outsourced “ concepts of making an impact  ! Or because  we   put things akin to a  education system which was  once  unique  (remember NALANDA  and VIKRAM SHILA University ?)  and   through a process which  ignites minds  almost instantaneously without having the need to cross the E – Barrier !! (Mind you , they have excellent Track record too )


It  is not that  , I have have  qualms on being resourceful , using the best we have , getting the best from outside , learning the best we should – 

But  how do we know   Whats the BEST ? Who decides ? …

 Any right thinking (logical thinker – not critical )  , would agree to my point of view – “ You should not declare yourself the best”   – through “ the bench marks and Parameters “you have designed yourself .

Let the Outside world judge the values you have . Let Your actions and their results be the parameters.

 Let the WORLD BEYOND  your  Green tea  garden  praise your   CUP of TEA .

Else , the day is not far when we would have to resort to

 “  FLIP A COIN and say HEADS X is best ,TAILS   Y is best .
    If Coin is still standing – Ok, we will flip it again  ! "

It would be - it ..

Thanks for Reading ..I am just trying to refine my thinking ;) 



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