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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank You Kids : Just to Pep self ...

This is the " Little Speech ", I had made in my school on Children's Day.

I thought to share it with friends out of my continued quest to find definitions of "Teacher Impact on Student Achievement".
Hello Everyone,

You know what, today is children’s day! It is your day Kids,But...
What do we mean by that ??..smiles smiles ..

It means it is a day for we teachers and Bhaiyas to THANK YOU all students who are attending our classes.

When you learn so complex things so easily , when you are so excited to answer a question in the class, when you come all the way in Rain and the wind in your rickshaw it really makes us feel extremely proud ...

Let me share you something which I observed on .…..Diwali celebration programe ...

Grade 4, It is not an easy job to do a Ramayana , which you did with such good presentation and so beautiful costumes ..

Std 5 was too good with fashion show !!

Grade 2 as usual was fabulous – remember your newspaper girl!

than All vegetables and fruits from Grade 1 looked tasty and tempting !! ;-)

Grade 3 was as usual fabulous!!..


The arts and the crafts you have learnt are amazing , the paintings and the drawings you make are truly inspiring !!

It is all of you who bring joy, satisfaction, and very good moments in class.

We teachers would be happier, if you really work hard, come to class everyday, help us to teach you better, so that you can have more knowledge and get all your dreams.

Once again , just to let ya know once again , we are very very proud to Have such wonder ful children.

Have a wonderful CHILDRENS DAY !! Enjoy ...

We are always with you !! Be happy ALL THE TIMES.

Thank you,

On Behalf of all teachers .....

Ritesh Bhaiya ..

I believe little talk , Peppy One to Ones, Encouraging Simple words , Body language , are more successful tools in Creating Super Achievers .. than the "TEACHING TOOLS " we keep harping about ...

PS: It looks simple , but I really struggled a lot for this one ... How difficult it is to grow old and speak like adults ;)

Hope you found this one interesting....

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