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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

...and they are toppers !!

The external affairs ministry has recalled Indian diplomat Alok Ranjan Jha for allegedly misbehaving with a passenger on an Air India flight to New York and will decide on disciplinary action after he returns home.

Jha topped the all-India civil services exams in 2002 and had opted for the IFS as his first choice.

There was however no confirmation of this incident.

The misbehaviour incident once again vindicates that academically brilliant folks need not necessarily be a valuable asset for the organization. While those "toppers" & "brilliants" of Indian Ins****ute of Superman Technology & Indian Ins****ute of Superman Managements stand in the que on the platforms of foreign embassies for visa to work as software l****urers, Corporates will still fall at the feet of II|-s only to write GRE/GMAT & fly away from India.

 It is time we take a look at grooming & promoting those loyal to our organizations and country !



Subhadra said...

IQ and EQ....

Ritesh said...

True ! Often wonder how different they are :)