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Monday, January 24, 2011

Plant Trees and Here are the reasons why you should :)

One of  my Friends - Prabhu Linga Guthi in one of his communications to colleagues on importance of Planting trees :)

I am so so inspired by this Purest and yet most impactful way to put a  point across ! Thought to share ..


Dear .....,

I hope we all know what trees are! Probably the most vulnerable of all living things and also the ones who breath life into all forms of life.

I'm not sure how many of us have planted trees. I'm not very sure how many of us have seen them grow. I'm not at all sure how many of us have played with the trees, and hugged a tree(even while playing and totally unaware) or even see a huge tree being cut.

The joy of being with a tree is something i can't put in words. If i write what it's like to plant a tree and see it grow, i'll be a liar for it is not the pleasure that one gets in the market and it not the happiness one derives by being with a person. It's not all that, but something unbriddled and untold.

Once in a while, please try to look at those trees when you see one next time for it is too difficult to spot trees these days. The beauty of it's ever turning, ever twisting branches and stretching as if they are touching the skies.

It stands aloof, far away from everything and yet closely watching everything that goes under and around it. It' has it's aloofness, that strange and untold beauty,  it's dignity that's not at all concerned with the morals and immorals of the society. It has all of it from the day it comes out of it's seed till the day it dies. Strangely it has all of it even when it is being chopped mercilessly.

It's beauty and it's strength lies in the fact that it's vulnerable, it doesn't seek any kind of security. For security, is the most insane and the most dreadful thing that man is pursuing.

I've been thinking for awhile to give saplings not of plants but of trees to kids. so that they give water to it. take care of it and see what it's like for themselves to be close to that strange aloofness and beauty. I don't know how many of us are really sensitive to things around us for we have destroyed all of it in us.

A few months back i got in touch with someone who would help me in buying saplings. Now i think i will be able to get saplings for all of us.

Please let me know if you guys, your kids want to plant trees and take care of them. I want the kids to plant the trees around their houses or their schools and you guys aroud your houses and see them grow. It doesn't make any sense if you are living in dadar and go plant a tree in borivli national park. It's not charity or any of that ugly stuff that we are doing here.  It's not any kind of propanganda that i'm doing here and so i'm not going to say a word more about planting trees.

In case you want saplings, please let me know. It's not in any way compulsory for anyone to plant trees. It doesn't matter how many saplings you ask for. I will make sure you'll get them. It's okay if there is only one kid who has found a place to plant a single tree and want to plant it. I'll make sure that single sapling wouild reach your
classroom. Even if you ask for two hundred saplings, they will be given to your classroom.

I'm visiting Maharashtra nature park, Rani Baug gardens, Borivli National park and few other places tomorrow to look out for saplings. I plan to give them to you by Friday. So that you can plant them on Saturday and Sunday, unless you think sitting in a class room and learning some words and numbers are more important.

Also, if you want to help me deliver the saplings, please let me know.

Also, ____(those of you who haven't met him; he was with akanksha and now with indicorps) had called in a couple of hours back and is  bringing hundreds of Aloe vera plants from Ahmedaad for your classrooms which Indicorps fellows have been nurturing for a year now.

Two quick facts: 300000 new trees are being cut everyday for paper. For every 3000 sheets of paper(A4 size), a fully growm tree has to be cut. On an average, ____cuts two trees everyday. Maye 4 next year.

For a single take off, a plane consumes 18000 litres of gasoline. Every time a plane takes of, it is burning all the fuel that a housein a village/town could use in it's lifetime.

But as i said we are not planting trees because we are cutting them but for the sole reason of planting a tree and may be if one is sensitive, alive, to see something grow inside in oneself. Although the chances of it are very rare unless we understand our insensitivity and why we are dull, brutal and insensitive.

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